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4IR (4th Industrial Revolution)
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
Workshops and Courses

Introduce Virtual Reality in the Classroom.jpg

Introduce Virtual Reality
in the Classroom

This workshop takes the teacher on a journey of exploration and discovery about learning spaces and considerations at schools:

And how all these aspects assist in creating interesting learning spaces, with learners engaged and participating.

teachers experienctial fun.jpg

Experiential Workshop
4IR overview & interactive play

Customise this small group workshop for your staff members. 

Explore fully immersive VR, 3D printing and 3D pens, coding and robotics and so much more.

20min overview presentation, and then experiential playing on equipment.

Explore how to incorporate this technology into your lessons, or school.

AR simulations sace workshop.jpg

Augmented Reality & Simulations
in Lessons (IP & SP)

In this interactive workshop we will explore various AR applications as well as simulation options.

Using your smartphone for AR or demonstrating information via your laptop and a data-projector using a simulation, you can be building context and content knowledge for your learners in a range of topic areas: Maths, English, Natural Science, Life Sciences, and Physical Science.

Please have your phone and a laptop for the session to really benefit from the work.

Tech workshop.jpg

Technology Integration for specific subjects or requirements

Phone apps and tools for different subjects, practical ideas for the use of technology and apps in the classroom, various tools with the use of technology for collaboration and teamwork, and various other online tool for lessons and assessments.

Using Augmented Reality FP Lessons.jpg

Using Augmented Reality 
in the Foundation Phase

Augmented Reality (AR)  in the Foundation Phase Lessons - the teachers will explore what Augmented reality is and how it could be used as teaching and learning tools.

Various applications will be demonstrated, as teachers are exposed to these various examples of augmented reality. Teachers would discuss how to use the apps in the FP lessons. 

They would experience AR by viewing the AR examples on cell phones.  

They would discuss how to integrate the AR scenarios into existing lessons.

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