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Updated: Mar 15

During the 2021 Teachers' Day celebration, Africa Tech Radio asked if teachers are still at the heart and centre of education, even with the many tech advancements in education that have modified the interactions between teacher and learner.

Tony (Anthony) Ibe from Africa Tech Radio contacted me (Karen Walstra), to explore and discuss ideas of technology in education, in a bid to contribute to this edu-tech debate.

A four-part radio series, called The Classroom Series was conducted, with the aim of equipping teachers and educators with the skills necessary to make an impact in a tech advanced world. (The links below are to the four recordings)

Episode 1: How to better engage your students in online classes

Episode 2: How to organise and set quizzes for your students with online teaching tools

Episode 3: What interactive talk tools can you use for your online classes?

Episode 4: What methodology do you need to think of when using tech platforms?

Africa Tech Radio (ATR) is based in Lagos, Nigeria. It is an online radio station with a 100% focus on Africa’s technology.

Contact Karen -

Twitter: @KarenWalstra and @Kevolveschool

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