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Evolving Schools

See the list below of the various workshops and presentations I offer to both your staff and school.

All of the events are customised to suit your school and staff's requirements.


From 'Whole School Engagements' to 'Individual Presentations', I look forward to working with you! 

Let's Chat Online - Teaching COVID-19

#TeacherChat Let’s chat  - tech, learning and coping #RemoteLearning Online Session

Collaborating, Creating, Engaging Online Discussion, Tips & Ideas

Teachers Sharing Ideas

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Bi-monthly sessions:  Mondays 16:00 (GMT+2)

Presentations and Workshops (ONLINE & FACE-TO-FACE)

Staff Development & Teacher Workshops

Individualized for your school or a general workshop on the selected topic, where teachers from surrounding schools are also invited.

These workshops vary in length from 1 hour or 21/2 hours in length or half and full day. The workshops are motivational, interactive, hands-on learning experiences whether face-to-face or virtual-remote sessions

Classroom management & strategies

Interactive session, encouraging participants to explore ideas of how to use

    • Change management - addressing educational change​

    • Classroom management - coping with difficult students, strategies to ensure all learners are engaged

    • Learner-centred teaching strategies

    • Analysing Student Data to enhance the way I teach

    • "Teaching with Soul" giving teachers the tools to find their spark again in teaching, to help teachers remember why they went into teaching in the first place.

    • "The child I teach" this workshop focuses on the child as a whole, reminding teachers to consider the individual needs to the child. Giving tips on how to teach while stimulating the various senses, and building on the strengths of each child.

Unleash Creativity & critical Thinking

Interactive session, encouraging participants to explore ideas of how to use

  • Creativity and critical thinking strategies in their Classrooms

  • Investigating methods of “Asking the right questions”

  • "Encouraging thinking and doing" this workshop focuses how to look at ones own teaching practices, and ask are the children thinking creatively and critically in my classroom? Tips and ideas on how to encourage thinking and questioning techniques.

SACE endorsed course: 

  • Developing Critical Thinking Through Questioning

Internet Safety Awareness

​Creating awareness of internet safety to teachers, parents and students is vital - these workshops are customised to suit the audience.

“Internet safety - keeping yourself safe online”

  • Cyber-bullying – How should I assist?

  • How to be a responsible global, digital citizen?

  • My child is on the Internet  - what should I do?

Technology In my Classroom

​Choose topics from the ones below or contact me for specific topics you'd like to learn more about:

  • Disruptive Technology in Education - a way forward​

  • Ideas of using technology in your classroom - response systems, websites, 

  • Using Google's tools in my classroom - GSuite for Education

  • Amazing Google Forms and Spreadsheets - saving time and being more effective

  • Google Text Doc - features to assist my teaching

  • Presentations using slides - tips, ideas, teaching suggestions

  • Let's collaborate - real-time collaboration on a range of tools​

  • Resources teachers in the Arts and Social Sciences, let's investigate - Arts & Culture, Google Earth, Streetview and many more​

  • Tips and Features when using Google tools to enhance your teaching 

​Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Workshops​

  • Using Virtual Reality (VR) in the Classroom - Google Expeditions and so much more​

  • How to include Augmented Reality (AR), into my lessons meaningfully - a world of wonder

SACE endorsed course:

  • Introduction of Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Computational Thinking, Coding and Robotics workshops - let me know what information you want shared

  • Computational thinking and how to apply that in my lessons

  • Introduction to coding - what can I do at school

  • Let's introduce robotics - what  should I do

SACE endorsed courses:

  • Introduction to Robotics & Coding Foundation Phase Teachers

  • Computational Thinking more than just Coding - Foundation Phase & Intermediate Phase

  • Computational Thinking more than just Coding - Senior Phase

Whole School Action to drive the process of Successful Educational Change

I offer an individualised and personalised service for your school to facilitate the Whole School Action to drive the process of Successful Educational Change. This service includes the following:

  • Whole School Audit - Pedagogical & Use of Technology, Learning Spaces & Teaching Strategies

  • Assisting in clarifying the Vision - Where is your school at? Where does your school want to be?

  • Change Management strategies for entire school - workshops & presentations

  • Motivation for Change - Teachers, Learners and Parents

  • Advice with regards to Resources

  • Upskilling - Staff Professional Development

  • Action Plan - way forward (short, medium and long term goals)

  • Learning Spaces ~ rethinking learning and teaching venues and spaces. Remaking existing classrooms.

These workshops and presentations are for teaching staff, governing bodies, students and parents.

Creating Learning Spaces to suit your School

I also, offer services to rejuvenate, re-create Classrooms or develop Learning Spaces from scratch

  • Rejuvenating and re-creating existing Classrooms and Teaching Spaces cost-effectively into new Learning Spaces

  • Remodelling Technology Workshops (D&T Rooms) into modern MakerSpaces

  • Creating outdoor Learning Spaces to develop environmental awareness among learners such as a veggie garden, recycling area, gardens to attract insects and bird

  • Want to engage about creating learning space, complete this form: