Evolve School Services

Online or Face-to-Face Workshops

Covid-19 has resulted in many changes for the school environment. Take part in one of the online or face-to-face workshops to learn more about keeping your students engaged in your lessons from a distance and in the classroom whilst we're adapting to the new normal. 

Starting with Google

TGoogle is a wonderful platform that allows you to do almost anything to assist in the classroom and in your daily lives.


From Google Forms, spreadsheets, collaboration platforms and teamwork using the various Google applications and features. 

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Introduction to AR and VR in the classroom and learning how to use it to enhance your teaching, and how to include it into your lessons.

Technology Integration for specific subjects or requirements

Phone apps and tools for different subjects, practical ideas for the use of technology and apps in the classroom, various tools with the use of technology for collaboration and teamwork, and various other online tool for lessons and assessments.

Strategic Planning and Leadership Coaching Workshops

Workshops for Educational Staff and Leaders for Strategic Thinking and Planning Sessions.


The workshops included School Audit and Reporting, Pedagogical Strategies and Technology use and integration.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a fantastic space to create an online classroom that allows you to do assessments, rubrics, Google forms, spreadsheets for your marks.


You can have video calls with your learners through Google Meet and it is a great remote learning tool. 

Computational Thinking, Coding and Robotics

Introduction to coding, starting a coding club in your school, and computational thinking. These workshops are for teachers from Grade R to Senior Phase.

Learning Spaces In and Around Your Classroom

Offering various ideas and ways to change up your classroom environment to offer different learning spaces by rejuvenating and recreating existing classrooms, creating outdoor learning spaces and exciting Covid learning spaces.

Strategic Planning and Classroom Management

Teaching with 'soul' and assisting teachers to find their spark again. Addressing change management and learning how to teach children from various backgrounds and their behaviours.

Providing learner centred strategies.

Critical and Creative Thinking Teaching Strategies & Methods

Critical thinking and ideas on how to teach the 4Cs/6Cs (communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking). Creative and critical thinking strategies in the classroom, asking the right questions, and encouraging thinking and doing.

Internet Safety Awareness

These workshops are for parents, teachers and learners. About cyber-bullying, various ways to deal with cyber-bullying, and internet safety for your child when using phone apps and browsing online. We offer various ideas and ways that you could deal with different scenarios and situations.

Keynote Speaker, Term Opening Address and Speaker Engagement

I would love to speak at your school to engage with your staff at the start of a new term, be a keynote speaker at an event you're hosting and talk about education, impacting positive change and the impact of remote learning and educational change.