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Thandi for Teachers  - Teachers' AI Assistant



Welcome, to AI Teacher. I, Karen Walstra, have a bot that I am experimenting with, to truly assist teachers in planning and assessing learning experiences.


As teachers TIME is extremely precious. This bot is here to assist you as you plan and prepare interesting and exciting lessons and assessments for your learners.


I believe learning should be experiential and interactive.


Experiment with the bot,  to give you tips and ideas to inspire your learners with engaging activities.


Beginning your AI  exploration

Bots need to be given prompts to provide feedback.

Provide detailed information - how old are the learners, what subject are you teaching? What type of questions do you want? Should a particular taxonomy be followed? 

The more information you provide the better the response.

Request URLs for your resources so you can reference the information.

Check the URLs and ensure they are valid.


Tips when using AI

  1. Tip - plan carefully what you want to ask the bot to assist you with. 

  2. Tip  - open a word/text document. 

    1. Type your prompt. Be polite. Check it.

    2. Paste it into the KWC chatbot

    3. Wait for the response. Remember to say “Thank you”

    4. Copy the answer provided, and paste it onto your Word document

Experiment and have fun!

Let me know how it goes!

Thandi AI for teachers - Mobile phone link

If you are using a phone, the look may be better if you use the Thandi AI mobile link.

Reach out to me if you have queries or thoughts

If you are on a laptop or computer, begin exploring below - plan, ask, have fun! (Working on a bot update! Apologies for the inconvenience )

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