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Celebrate Our Heritage on Heritage Day and Everyday!

Heritage Day is a South African public holiday, on the 24 September every year.

As South Africans let's celebrate our varied and diverse cultures, beliefs and traditions on Heritage Day, let's celebrate each other all year round!

Learning from each other and engaging with each other, understanding our differences and similarities as individuals which create our wonderful nation.

What about exploring and discussing some of these questions with your family? Share your ideas!

Our Provinces:

Name and talk about the differences of the nine provinces in South Africa.

Perhaps talk about climate, types of farming or mining. The cities and towns in the province. What about the rivers and / or mountain ranges?

Our National Emblems

Explore the Presidency website and learn about our national emblems, by moving through the sliders.

Talk about our coat of arms. Learn about the different details.

Draw and label the South African flag, stating the different colours.

Can you name the following National Natural Emblems of South Africa?

Explore the website and learn about the National Symbols

National Bird National Animal National Fish National Tree National Flower

The Presidency.

Can you name our present President?

Can you list all the presidents we have had since our democracy, in 1994?

Not sure, learn more here, The Presidency website or Presidents of South Africa

Visit Museums

On Heritage Day and throughout the year, encourage your family to visit museums to learn more about our country, it’s heritage and learn about each other as people.

Phone to find out if they are open and to get directions

Find a museum you and your family could visit,

Explore these websites for ideas:

Enjoy learning about our country and our people. Let's engage and learn about each other!

Contact me to work with your school on educational change.

Let's explore ideas of future-proofing your school!

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