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Earth Hour - Promote at Your School

Make Earth HOUR happen in your Community

Saturday 23 March 8:30PM

On the 23 March from 8:30 - 9:30pm (Local time) Earth Hour will be observed across the world. The idea is to educate people to use electricity responsibly, to promote and encourage the sustainability of our wonderful planet.

As teachers we should be promoting Earth Hour. Think of ways to promote Earth Hour among your learners, teachers and the wider school community.

Here are some ideas:

  • On the 23 March for Earth Hour, organize an evening event at school for families or just your class. What about organizing a school braai or picnic by candle light? Encouraging the saving the energy.

  • Promote the idea of saving electricity.

  • What about selling energy saving light bulbs as an awareness campaign or perhaps even a school fundraiser at school.

  • Do Science experiments to investigate which bulbs save the most energy?

Some ideas at:

Look at all the light on Earth

My family is committed to Earth Hour

(Pic ref: )

Enjoy promoting Earth Hour at Your School, Among YOUR Community!

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