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Learning at Home

So we are all home - Dad, Mom, Kids, then teacher at her / his home with Partner and Kids. Schools are insisting on work being taught! We are all in a difficult space.

Here are thoughts about how to enjoy the time, more than just trying to cope

  • Schools: Reinforce and build on what technology knowledge your teachers know.

  • Don't introduce to many new things, this may cause anxiety and confusion

  • Build the teachers confidence and knowledge of how to use the technology.

  • Schools & Parents: Give children unplugged / offline tasks as well - not everything must be on the computer.

  • Create task such a pen and paper, following instructions by doing origami, sequencing pictures, for all ages, not just the little children.

  • Give time to play outside! Climb a tree! Ride a bike! Go for a walk!

  • Don't do everything on the computer.

  • Schools: Teachers have regular "face-to-face" catch ups using video conferencing like: Google hangout meet, to have discussions in groups, to listen to reading or to do a presentation

  • Set times for just your parents to discuss how things are goung and if they need assistance

  • Parents: Allow your child the time to chat to their teacher online, thereby maintaining that relationship as well.

  • Set other video conferencing call times with the teacher if you want to chat

  • Also video call

  • Schools: For young children - give parents clear instructions. Ask the parents to guide learning and not to do the work.

  • It's okay if your child makes a mistake

  • Encourage her/him to re-do the work, by figuring out the problem, developing understanding and then getting it correct. Learning happens!

  • Parents: No knowing is not bad, we want our children to have persistence and determination, so try and try again. In a non threatening environment, is very beneficial to learning.

  • Schools: Give time to read,

  • Parents and children can pair-read, read aloud, create a video of reading and share with teacher

  • Parents: Use reading as a bonding time. Don't add stress to the situation. Read to your child sometimes too!

  • Schools: Create tasks for movement

  • So children are not sitting all day

  • Schools: Give creative tasks, art based tasks - playdough, art or building from waste material

Enjoy this very different time, and build the relationship further with your children. Remove the stress! Have more fun!

We have organised a weekly online chat about tech, learning and coping in this space.

Complete this form if you want to hop in:

Reach out to me if you have questions:

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