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Voice Typing to Assist in Speaking an Additonal Language

Using Google "Voice Typing" in a Google text document.

This tool could be used if you want to speak and have information recorded instead of typing.

Additonal language teachers, can use the "voice typing" tool to encourage learners to practice speaking the langauge they are learning.

The document created using voice typing, could then be translated back into the learner's language of learning to check what was recorded.

To use the Voice Typing Tool, in a Google Text Doc:

Go to "Tools", select "Voice Typing"

Select the language you want to speak in. The official South African languages found in voice typing at present are: isiZulu, Afrikaans and English

Click on " Click to speak".

The microphone changes in colour from grey to red. Now speak.

As you speak the words are typed on the page.

Click, once again, to stop recording.

To translate the page, go back to "Tools", and select "Translate Document"

Give the new document a name, and select the language.

Click "Translate". A new translated document is made.

Check the translated document against the original document.

As teachers we could use these tools in our lessons, to assist learners build confidence in speaking other languages. And it is fun to do.

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