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The Example I Set As A teacher

This is my new blog and as a teacher I'd thought I'd begin by sharing an idea that I think is important to our profession.

As teachers we set an example to all the children we teach or come into contact with. The learners observe us in the classroom, on the sports field, on tours and other events. We are under the microscope all the time! When we think back to our own schooling we remember the behaviours of the teachers who taught us, and the influence their behaviours and reactions have had on our own lives - both positive and negative. So I take this very seriously, and always try to set a positive example, treating all with respect and care. The school year is still new, consider; what type of model you will provide for the learners you teach? We expect the learners to be polite, considerate and responsible, as the teacher, we should set the same example.


  • Greet the learners you walk past. If there is time, stop and speak to them, perhaps asking about an event or activity they had spoken about before or enquiring how they are.

  • Get to classroom before the lesson begins. If you are late, apologise to the children. Time is so precious at school, if you miss a lesson, that time isn't easily replaced or caught-up.

  • Be prepared; make sure your lessons are well prepared and organized, encouraging learners to actively participate in the activities.

  • If you make a mistake or if you forget to do something you said you'd do, be prepared to apologise. We are not infallible; we do make mistakes, show the learners you are human.

  • Treat all learners in the same way. Do not have favourites. Try to get to know all the learners you teach: their names, interests and remember the other information they share with you!

  • Speak to the learners in a polite manner, use appropriate language. Humour is a wonderful tool in the classroom, sharing a joke assist anxious learners to relax and participate freely. Remain in control, try not to get angry.

  • Show learners respect, listen to what they have to say and show an interest in what is being shared. Develop a safe and caring environment within your classroom.

May your classroom be an exciting learning space, where the learners feel comfortable and cared for.

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