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Creativity in the Classroom

How do you inspire your children to be creative when you teach?

Our schools often restrict or hamper creativity among the children, we want them to sit down, be quiet and work! When do we allow them to learn through play and exploration? What is your classroom like, do the children want to come into your teaching space?

How do we 'get through the syllabus' but still allow the child to remain an individual, able to express his or her own views!

Do we allow children to make mistakes, and say it is okay!? Do we tell our children that they learn from their mistakes?

How do you structure your activities to make the learning experience for each and every child inspiring, allowing for individuality and creativity?

Are the children in your class given the freedom to decide how work will be submitted or presented? Perhaps a word document, a hand written document, a slide presentation, a speech or an audio recording. If yes, how do you assess them fairly? What criteria do you use?

As teachers we should be encouraging education departments to allow us to explore different media, ideas and methods of interacting and engaging with the children, so that children are encouraged to "be themselves".

Share your ideas and thoughts! Allow yourself to be a creative teacher, allow the children you teach to be creative and imaginative in all subjects, including Mathematics.

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