Re-Imagine Education

Re-Imagine Education was a talk I gave at TEDx Braamfontein last year, 2012 June 13 at DoubleShot in Braamfontein! And I think it is still relevant!

Small, intimate event - the other speakers were inspiring: Tebogo Ditshego - @ReadaBookSA, Robyn Clark - @ClarkforMaths and Waahida Tolbert-Mbatha - Khulula Foundation. We all spoke around the theme: Educational Change in South Africa

Organisers had trouble sources video equipment, but we still had a wonderful evening!

Below are the thoughts I presented - I entitled my presentation:

Re-imagine Education in South Africa

Let's re-imagine our South African education system, so all will succeed!

Such large numbers of learners requiring educational support.

How do we help these children?

What can we do to improve the educational system?

The system is failing our children.

How can we make education appropriate for each individual?

President Nelson Mandela said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

If we believe this, let’s begin making it happen, one step at a time!

How can we re-imagine education?

  • Empower the teachers with knowledge and confidence – build people up, see the positive, praise!

  • Encourage the children to share the knowledge they already have acquired with others

  • Use available technology to empower all, such as using a cellphone.

I would like to tell you about a friend of mine, Mr. Phirah Mjambo, who when I met him he was a very young enthusiastic teacher, He lives in Ngobo, the Eastern Cape,

A very poor rural area of South Africa.

He had heard about the Technology Association, and wanted to learn more about teaching technology. So he rallied other teachers together.

Many of the teachers much older than himself.

He organised transport, accommodation and registration forms for the interested group of teachers to make the long journey to Johannesburg for the two day workshops.

How excited they all where to attend!

He motivated his peers, because of a desire to learn. He achieved.

How are these teachers valued?

How do we inspire other teachers to do the same?

Another friend of mine, is a Principal, Mr. Patrick Mogowe.

I met him when he was already a principal. His school was a small rural school in Limpopo

He inspired his teachers to learn and grow!

Encouraging them to attend workshops in Johannesburg.

He arranged transport and fetched the teachers, getting up very early to be at the workshops on time,

He built up the school until it had 16 classrooms, a technology room, IT room, staff room and office block.

He involved