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Encouraging awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Creating an awareness of students about the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, should be a focus of teachers. Linking these goals into lessons that are being taught.

When teaching Design and Technology, the students could be solving problems and addressing issues which relate directly to these goals.

Learners work through the stages of the Design Process (Investigate, Design, Make, Test & Evaluate) in order to create a product, or solution. These solutions could address a selected UN Sustainable Goal.

While these goals are interdependent and many projects may address more than one goal, choosing one will allow learners to focus on a particular goal.

For example,

Goal 1 No Poverty - we could be getting learners to be thinking about creating and developing products that families could create and sell. To make a living for their families, as the business grows to them emplying others becomes possible.

Such as knitting jerseys, sewing clothing or other products, perhaps baking or cookng products to sell.

Above are three different lessons

- Gr. 6 creating teddy bears to give away to an orphanage

- Creating your own toy, made from waste fabric, an example of the fabric worm

- Hand-made shoes, made by Gr. 3s

Goal 2 Zero Hunger - we could be teaching our students how to grow their own vegetables and developing vegetable gardens in every school, and then encouaraging our students to create one at home.

Above are three examples

- First image, is a lady who produces vegetable and sells them to the community

- Middle image, children working in the school vegetable garden

- Last image, children cooking and creating their own products from selected ingredients.

And so as teachers each goal could be used to create an awareness, build knowledge.

Encouraging our learners would be thinkers out of the box of how to solve their own problems, which in turn could positively impact their lives, the lives of their familiy members, and even their community.

Let's create the awareness and getting our studnets to address each of these goals.

I look forward to hearing from you, as to how your students address this goals.

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