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Scottie Go Edu: puzzle based coding

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Introducing coding and programming from a different point of view, using a board game and an app. Scottie Go Edu is a puzzle-based board activity, where cardboard instruction code puzzle pieces are interlinked to solve given problems.

When a problem has been solved, the solution is photographed, read and actioned via the Scottie Go Edu app, on a mobile phone. The app is available on Android's Google Play Store, Apple's App Store and Microsoft's Windows App Store.

Learners solve problems to assist Scottie, the little alien, as they are introduced to basic coding and computational thinking concepts.

Learners begin by discovering the problem Scottie has on the application. Then moving to the board, they build the physical puzzle pieces to solve the given problem. Placing the "Begin" puzzle piece first, and slotting in the other choosen instruction pieces and finishing with the "End" puzzle piece. Once satisfied with the coding solution, a photo is taken using the camera button in the app. Scottie then movies through the problem picture of the app according to the coding instructions received from the puzzle.

Scottie Go Edu thereby combines physical and digital interaction and participation.

Playing the game builds coding skills.

At the same time reinforcing problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.

Building the actual pieces pieces is a great fine motor activity.

Holding the phone to take the photo of the puzzle, reinforces hand-eye coordination, visual discrimination and spatial orientation skills.

Scottie’s adventures progress’ from continent to continent, building learners skills of identifying problems, interpreting, and creating the code to address and solving these problems.

On each continent, the learners programming skills are developed further.

Scottie Go Edu detailed lesson scenarios are provided for the teacher. These include explanations, solutions, teaching tips and additional resource and teaching ideas.

Linking learning from concrete to abstract, from physical to digital. Meaningful, fun and relevant learning.

Scottie Go Edu would be relevant for young children from late Gr. 1 to early Senior Phase children. That being said, anyone who want to be exposed to an interesting way to be introduced to coding, or perhaps playing it as a game, even if you can code, it would be fun and relevant.

Scottie Go Edu ticks the boxes for teachers wanting to introduce computational thinking and coding in an easy and effective manner in lessons, while at the same time developing team engagement, collaborative problem-solving and critical thinking among learners in an enhanced, fun, meaningful manner.

I look forward to hearing from you and hearing your thoughts.

If you would like a demonstration or to purchase Scottie Go Edu for your school, homeschool or for your children, contact me at

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