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Chat about Resolute Education - robotics and coding

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Karen Walstra (EvolveSchool) chatted to Rajesh Ramakrishnan, founder and CEO of Resolute Education.

Rajesh graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2016 with an Honors degree in Electronic Engineering. He is an education enthusiast. He taught Mathematics to high school students throughout my degree. With this passion for people and education he endeavoured to help better equip students for life after high school and to foster a passion for robotics and programming from a young age by introducing students to industry-relevant skills.

Resolute Education is a proudly South African education services provider, offering a wide variety of robotics and coding courses that will introduce learners to a dynamic approach to thinking and problem-solving.

Resolute Education sees this ability as the most critical skill to master in order to be effective in addressing the demands of the modern age. With the release of our government’s new robotics and coding initiative, many schools are seeking innovative and cost-effective ways to implement robotics and coding solutions in 2021 and beyond.

The Resolute Solution is:

CAPS-aligned curriculum as per the latest government curriculum release which includes:

  • Lesson structures

  • Assessments/Exams

  • Teacher guides

Online learning platform which includes:

  • Over 100 + hours of on-demand video lessons

  • Theoretical PDFs

Comprehensive Teacher Training Programme which is SACE endorsed

  • Robotics Kits that are reusable and stand the test of time

  • Long-term Technical Support

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