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Internet Safety Activities: Teachers, Children & Parents

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

I'd like to share two resources on this Safer Internet day that I think are really valuable for teachers, children and parents.

Firstly: Be Internet Awesome / Legends

It includes a range of tools: Game for Children, Curriculum for Teachers and Parent resource.

In the US it is reffered to as "Be Internet Awesome," while in the UK link it is "Be Internet Legends"

This activity is to teach children how to make smart decisions online, and can explore the online world with confidence.

Be Internet Awesome / Legends teaches children the basics of digital safety and digital citizenship, while providing a range of resources to assist adults as well.

Be Internet Awesome / Legends provides resources and tools for children, parents and teachers:

For teachers:

Classroom curriculum, to help teach these lessons through hands-on practice.

For parents:

Parents can get involved at home by encouraging the entire family to discuss, follow and sign the internet safety pledge, callled the "Legends Code" together. See:

Which includes:

  • Think Before You Share

  • Check it's For Real

  • Protect Your Stuff

  • Respect Each Other

  • When in Doubt, Discuss

Second is Google for Education, Teacher Centre Course - Digital Citizenship and Safety Course.

I think teachers and parents, and even learners can benefit from this course.

Topics include:

  • Why teach digital citizenship and safety?

  • Teach students about internet safety and privacy

  • Online safety on the Go

  • Savvy Searching

  • Stay safe from phishing and scams

  • Manage your online reputation

Teaching our children about internet safety, is very important in assisting them to become responsible digital citizens.

If you would like more a presentation about Internet Safety to your students, parents or staff members, please contact me.

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