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"Making Quality Education Happen" Dr Richard Hayward

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Karen Walstra interviewed Dr Richard Hayward about his book:

In Dr. Hayward's words: What is Total Quality Education (TQE) all about? Does it have any meaning to you as a teacher, a principal or education official?

TQE is an adaptation of the best quality practices and principles found in the business and professional world. This book proves that you don’t need money (although a tiny bit helps!) to create an outstanding classroom and school. Almost all the quality practices described in this book don’t cost a cent. What do all quality schools anywhere in the world – whether rural or urban, poor or rich – have in common? What do they do that make them excellent?

Not every day in a quality school is all, ‘sweetness and light’. There are ‘difficult’ learners and colleagues. Different types of bullying happens not only amongst learners but amongst staff members too. Teaching is the third most stressful profession. True teachers are leaders wanting to bring about change for the better. Such teachers meet the change resistors ... guaranteed! These sorts of challenges are discussed and solutions shared.

The dedicated teacher knows that the hours are long and the demands made are heavy. Yet there can be so much fun and laughter too. We know that every day we can add undoubted quality to the lives of young people. As you read the book, may you be encouraged to try out new approaches and ideas. They do work ... guaranteed! You will improve the quality of life at school not only for your learners but also – undoubtedly the most important person in every classroom – you.

Buying the book

There are three easy ways for you to buy the book online:

Amazon: Kindle format: $ 8.04 USD or paperback: $ 16.99. The book is printed in colour. If you go to the book section of the site, type, ‘Making Quality Education happen’ or ‘Richard Hayward’. When the cover comes up, you will see at the top an invitation to ‘Look inside’. There’s a free read of 20% of the contents of the book.


Smashwords: E-book format: $ 6.99. When on the site, simply type either, ‘Making Quality Education happen’ or ‘Richard Hayward’. Here again, you are able to download 20% of the book as a ‘free read’.


Takealot: Paperback copy R200 (South African Rand). The book is printed in black and white.

Let's continue exploring all things education and technology. I look forward to engaging with you.

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