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Learning Spaces: Caves, Waterholes and Fireside, for your Learners

Ken Robinson (TED2006) said:

“We have to rethink the fundamental principles on which we're educating our children.”

Consider how you are teaching:

  • Teacher centred

  • Leader centred

  • Combination

EACH LESSON! School should be inspiring and empowering for YOUR learners!

Consider the skills you are encouraging:

  • Critical Thinkers!

  • Problem solvers!

  • Creating of own ideas!

  • Creativity!

  • Asking questions!

Preparing learners to be confident, persistent, perseverant and keen to learn to cope in our ever-changing world.

ALL consider WHERE your learners learn:

  • CAVE



Think of the ways your learners engage, and interact and how the spaces influence that engagement.

The CAVE is a space for one on one work. Focusing and working on your own. A place where you are not easily distracted. Time for reflection. Working on your own.

The FIRESIDE is a place to actively listen to others, to actively engage and respond. These could be the learner or teacher lead sessions.

The WATERHOLE is a space for collaboration, sharing, and learning from others. These spaces are less formal. They may include mixed age groups (different grades), different ability groups or different interest groups.

Consider creating different learning spaces within your classroom. Look around your school for spaces that would work for you as well! Try to create a variety of activities and engagements! Inspire your learners to take the lead!

To learn more book about learning spaces a session with your staff about "Learning Spaces around us physical virtual Changing face schools & classrooms".

Karen Walstra


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