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New Beginning #EvolveSchool

I am beginning my Educational Consultancy again! I would love to explore changing education with you and your school! #EvolveSchool

Each month I’ll share education related ideas that I have found interesting. Inform up about upcoming events I’m organising or just share educational fun!

Schools, Teachers, Parents, Learners unite - for educational change!

If our children are being taught, the way we were taught, it is a problem! Schools have existed for a long time, but they need to evolve! We need an education revolution to address the fast pace of change and to prepare our children for the new world ahead. Skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, analysing and synthesizing information should be paramount. Schools should be developing computer science skills, and coding (programming) competencies as part of the curriculum. Education should be addressing the changing needs both with and without technology. I look forward to working with you to address the school evolution question!

Non-Tech News:

Let’s develop critical thinkers. Encourage learners to identify problems and ask relevant questions how to address solving the recognised problem. Investigate and gather information to assist in solving the problem. Assess and analyse the information to establish informed solutions and conclusions. Evaluate the decisions, keeping an open mind that changes may need to be made. Consider the possible solution in relation to the original problem with regards to practical consequences and implications. Share your ideas with others, by communicating effectively, so that solutions can found for the problem.

Tech News:

Technology in the educational space doesn’t drive change nor instill learning, but it does provide the opportunity for greater collaboration, instant feedback from assessments, exposure to information that would not have been able to easily explore without technology, build understanding and reinforce learning through simulation, augmented reality, virtual reality, videos. Learners can be taught to analyse information and find the most accurate content from a wide variety of sources, easily accessed online. The use of technology could save teachers time with regards to marking, and being able to collaborate in real-time on planning documents and assessments with colleagues. Using technology in the classroom can truly enhance the way we teach. We will explore various technology for learning and teaching.


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