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Teaching Online - You will succeed!

Working from home, teaching via your computer screen is very different to

being in the classroom with your learners.

It is different, but you can make it work, and you can succeed.

1. Reinforce and build on your technological know.

Don't introduce to many new technology tools, begin by using tools they know.

This may cause anxiety and confusion.

If you do introduce new technologies, to do one at a time. Teach your learners

how to use the technology, and ensure they know how to it independently. So

as not adding more stress on the parents at home with the children.

2. Give children unplugged / offline tasks as well.

Not everything must be on the computer.

3. Teachers have regular "face-to-face" very small groups or 1:1 catch ups using Google meet.

Have discussions in groups, perhaps to listen to reading or to do a presentation.

4. For young children.

First use the technology they know, so they can work independently.

When asking parents for assistance. Give parents clear instructions, but ask the parents to guide and not to do the work.

Explain! It's okay if their child makes a mistake, re-does the work by figuring out the problem, developing understanding and then getting it correct.

That is how we learn!

5. Give time to read.

Parents and children could pair-read. Child could read aloud, and create a video of reading and share with teacher/

6. Create tasks for movement, so children are not sitting all day.

7. Give creative tasks, art based tasks,

for example: playdough, art or building from waste material

8. Enjoy this very different time. See and find the positive, and build the relationship further with your children.

You are succeeding! Your learners are engaging! Believe in yourself!

Be safe!


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