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African AI Assessment Collaboration Project

African AI Assessment Collaboration Project

A collection edited by

Deborah Behrens,  Franci Cronje, Janice Hunt & Karen Walstra

Contributors: Educators and students

 June to 31 August 2024

creative Commons license

Join the initiative, share your idea about using AI as an assessment tool in your learning space.

As a teacher, lecturer, or student-teacher, you are invited to add your AI assessment idea to collaborate in the African AI Assessment Collaboration.

This is a global collaboration project for teachers to share ideas related to using AI for assessment.

Project runs from: June to 31 August 2024.

This is a creative commons project.

We would love you to share YOUR ideas! Go to this slide deck

About this African AI Assessment Collaboration project

African Teachers and Educators are exploring the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for various teaching situations, as well as assessment.

Teacher teaching using AI AI generated image

Teachers across Africa and around the world are invited to share examples of where they are using AI for assessment and empowering learners.

This aggregation of ideas will showcase how teachers in Africa and around the world, are using AI to assist in creating assessments, tests, quizzes, or marking tasks, or providing feedback to learners using Artificial Intelligence.

HEY Teachers! SHARE YOUR AI Assessment IDEA!

Teachers are asked to share their ideas of how they are using AI to create, implement, and assess learners for any learning context.

Teachers may submit their ideas in any African language. If not in English, please create a translated English version as well (You would have two slides in this instance)

You may share more than one idea - ONLY ONE idea per slide.

This is an open invitation to all educators to share ideas on how AI tools such as Gemini, ChatGPT,   ChatGPT,  Microsoft Copilot, DALL-E 3, Midjourney or any other AI tools you may be using for assessment assistance. is a South African AI marking tool you could explore.

“I think the big mistake in schools is trying to teach children anything, and by using fear as the basic motivation. Fear of getting failing grades, fear of not staying with your class, etc. Interest can produce learning on a scale compared to fear as a nuclear explosion to a firecracker.” ― Stanley Kubrick, film director

How do we create assessments that build knowledge and remove fear?

Do you use AI to assist you? Share your idea!

If you would like to find out more about AI and Education,  explore Karen’s blog: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in my school, my classroomUNESCO Artificial Intelligence in EducationTeachAI  and AI for Education

Please be aware of the importance of the ethical use of AI in education, and reference your sources. 

We would love more than 100 assessment-related ideas that use AI, let's see what happens.

Instructions to add your ideas to the African AI Assessment Collaboration project:

  • Create a copy of the empty template slide.

  • Only 1 idea per slide.

  • Please stick to assessment ideas for teaching and learning. 

  • You may rearrange the template, please include all the information indicated. Please stick to 1 slide per idea.

  • Add an image, remember to avoid using copyright protected images.

  • is a great tool to generate your own AI image.

  • Remember to add the link to the AI tool you used.

  • Acknowledge who created what, including what the AI tool did. Add the link to the tool(s).

  • You may add multiple ideas. One per slide! 

  • Optional: Add a link to a website where your idea is presented in more detail and an example application.

  • All ideas will be reviewed and the editors will get in touch with you if clarify and/or further information is required.

  • You will not be paid for your contribution. It is a voluntary contribution.

  • This project is a creative commons project, where it can be shared and adapted, on condition there is attribution, it is non-commercial, and ShareALike is noted

THANK YOU for adding to the collection. We look forward to your ideas!


Deborah Behrens, Franci Cronje, Janice Hunt and Karen Walstra

Any questions email:

This is a Creative Commons project:

African AI Assessment Collaboration © 2024 by Deborah Behrens, Franci Cronje, Janice Hunt, Karen Walstra (editors) is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International. To view a copy of this license, visit

Creative Commons license criteria

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